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Double Edge

Double Edge biostimulant
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XERTON can also have activity on black-grass (Alopecurus myosurides) when included within a programm...
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A water soluble granule containing Plant Growth Regulator maleic hydrazide, for the control of sprou...
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Centurion Max

A post-emergence graminicide for use in oilseed rape and sugar beet.
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Signal 300 ES

Insecticide seed treatment for reduction of wheat bulb fly and wireworm damage.
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16 Oct, 2019

Blog: Tackling weeds north of the border

Wet seasons combined with the delayed effects of losing key active ingredients means some weed species in Scotland are on the up. Regional Support Manager for Scotland, Geoff Hailstone, explains how farmers can improve their weed control through the tactical use of post-em actives, such as ethofumesate.


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    Boasting the best of British produce and technology, the National Fruit Show is without doubt a key event for the industry – and the ideal place to meet new and existing clients.

    23 Oct to 24 Oct, 2019


    Kent Event Centre

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