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ZEBA SP and ZEBA XL are both available in the UK.


  • ZEBA is a Revolutionary patented starch-based, Super Hydrating Granule 
  • Absorbs up to 500 times its weight in water; then forms a hydrogel  suspended around the root zone
  • Hydrates, then releases water on demand, multiple times in cycle
  • Increases the soil water holding capacity, making inputs more efficient
  • Very high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) material for nutrient holding
  • Non-toxic, safe and degradable
  • Degrades into simple sugars
  • Performs on all soil types

Quick Facts

  • ZEBA increases the water holding capacity of soils
  • ZEBA has direct and indirect influences on beneficial soil properties
  • ZEBA reduces leaching of key nutrients
  • ZEBA maintains a level of moisture in the applied root zone (rhizosphere)
  • ZEBA is a fully degradable starch Super Hydrating Granule
  • ZEBA supports soil microbial communities and adds to a sustainable soil policy


ZEBA is a starch-based, Super Hydrating Granule with ingredient starch-y-poly.

5 KG