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23 Oct - 24 Oct


Boasting the best of British produce and technology, the National Fruit Show is without doubt a key event for the industry – and the ideal place to meet new and existing clients.

Kent Event Centre

Technical Updates

XERTON Black-grass Fact Sheet

Where difficult to control black-grass is found in winter wheat rotations, robust residual pre-emergence and post-emergence applications are necessary. XERTON, used as part of a herbicide programme, offers useful activity on the control of black-grass. This fact sheet includes; most effective application timings and dose rates, trials data for pre and post-em applications, recommendations for use and key elements of a resistance management strategy.

23 Aug, 2017

XERTON Fact Sheet

Updated for August 2017, this fact sheet includes key application timings and dose rates, plus useful information on grass weed, annual meadow-grass, black-grass and sterile brome control.

10 Aug, 2017

ASULOX Emergency Approval Timetable 2017

UPL can pack and begin distribution of ASULOX stocks. Storage, promotion, sales, and transfer are authorised.

21 Jun, 2017

QUIDAM Fact Sheet

QUIDAM is a herbicide for use on winter barley, winter wheat and potatoes (early and main crop) for the control of annual grass weeds and annual broad-leaved weeds. An emulsifiable concentrate containing 800g/L of prosulfocarb.QUIDAM is a selective herbicide within the thiocarbamate chemical family (Group N) and the mode of action is by inhibition of lipid synthesis – not ACCase inhibition.

12 Jun, 2017

SEMPRA XL Fact Sheet

SEMPRA XL is a selective herbicide that is shoot absorbed for pre and post-emergence use in cereals. The active diflufenican belongs to the pyridinecarboxamide family and is placed in the F1 group by the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC).

10 Jun, 2017

Mancozeb Fact Sheet Update

Mancozeb is an ethylene bisdithiocarbamate (EBDC) fungicide, belonging to the group of dithiocarbamates. It is a non-systemic fungicide, acting on the surface of plants, applied by spraying by professional growers. It is used on a wide variety of crops in agriculture, professional turf management and horticulture. Main uses are on potatoes, grapes, apples, onions, and tomatoes. It has a broad spectrum of disease control.

07 Jun, 2017

Beet Technical Update No.5

Beet Technical Update No.5

23 May, 2017

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